A place of pilgrimage


On Hadrian’s Wall at Heavenfield is the small church of St Oswald it is believed to be built at the site where King Oswald raised a large wooden cross & called his troops to pray before the Battle of Heavenfield in AD 633. The battle re-established Celtic Christianity in the Kingdom of Northumbria. The Church for centuries & today is a place of pilgrimage and a part of St Cuthbert’s Way.



take the waters


According to legend, St Winefride’s Well first erupted at the spot where her would-be rapist Caradog cut off her head with his sword. Restored to life by the prayers of her uncle St Beuno, Winefride lived as a nun until her second death some 22 years later. Whatever the reality of the legend, Winefride was real rather than a legend,a 7th-century Welsh woman who was venerated as a saint. Her well at Holywell  Flintshire (CH8 7PN) Wales has been a place of pilgrimage and healing (the only such place in Britain with a continuous history of public pilgrimage for over 13 centuries.) The Shrine today is a 2 storey late Gothic building erected in the 16th century.  


Port Sunlight War Memorial

Port Sunlight War Memorial stands in the most prominent position in the middle of the village, at the intersection of its broadest avenues, The Causeway and The Diamond. It is made in granite, with sculptures and reliefs in bronze. At the centre is a runic cross. This is one of the most impressive War Memorials I have seen outside a major city in the UK.

It has a grade 1 lisiting.


wm99.jpgwar memorial .jpg



Panic “the tide is in”

another place 1.jpg

Well we decided to stop off at Crosby beach to see Antony Gormley’s iron men looking out to sea. Our 3rd visit to this Beach & to this surreal art work but all 100 iron men were under water as the tide was in!

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As the next hour passed the men started showing their bodies.



While waiting for the tide to drop we fed the birds!




Eric & seagull



Eric Bartholomew, known by his stage name Eric Morecambe, was an English comedian who together with Ernie Wise formed the award-winning double act Morecambe and Wise. The partnership lasted from 1941 until Morecambe’s death in 1984. Unveiled by the Queen in 1999, the slightly larger than life Eric poses with a pair of binoculars around his neck (he was a keen bird watcher). The statue is set against the backdrop of Morecambe Bay and the Lake District




Memorials to visit in Lancashire.



camp site not many people about

The Ashton Memorial in Williamson Park, Lancaster, Lancashire, built between 1907 and 1909 by millionaire industrialist Lord Ashton in memory of his second wife, Jessy, at a cost of over £80,000. Have seen this folly many  times from the M6 popping up through the trees and decided it was time to take a closer look.

ashton0.jpgashton 3.jpg



Lancaster also has a memorial to Queen Victoria which was also rather grand.

mon.jpgqueen victorial.jpg