Train Spotting. (not the flying Scotsman)


What do you do when you are waiting for 4 new tyres to be fitted to the campervan ?

I decided to walk up the road to the railway bridge and do some train spotting. Having left my camera at home I fell back to the camera on my phone.  Eastleigh railway station from road bridge.



War Graves and a Little Train


A damp Sunday and a walk from the old chapel, all that remains of Queen Victoria Military Hospital {Netley Hospital} brings you to the Hospitals own CWGC Military graveyard  which is a reminder that those wounded or sick and returned to England were not all going to return to their own  homes . Along with the British graves are some 60 WW2 German graves.(most post D-Day).

Behind the Chapel is now a children’s railway Originally The hospital had its own railway station linking to the railway system. Although long gone it also had its own pier so troops could come ashore from hospital ships straight into the hospital.Netley Little Train

Hospital ChapelHospital Chapel aCWGCCross of Sacrifice