What is 8 metres tall?

The Norman churchyard of All Saints at Rudston East Rding of Yorkshire has a hidden secret dating back some 3000 years younger. The Rudston monolith is the tallest prehistoric standing stone in Britain, standing almost 8 metres high, nearly 2 metres wide, and weighing an estimated 26 tons. This giant block of grey gritstone was quarried 10 miles away at Cayton Bay and was brought here either in the late Neolithic or earl Bronze Age.


More than Stone.

Portland Tout Quarry Sculpture park is set in an old stone quarry on Portland. There are over 50 sculptures that are set in an area rich in nature. The quarry is tucked away in a small industrial park with limited parking but well worth a visit.



A Drive into Wales

Saturday we set off for a few nights in a cottage in South Wales close to the Glamorgan Coast.

views around Brecon

views around Brecon the large bales are of Bracken use for winter feed,

Having crossed into Wales we followed the A40 to Brecon to make a day out before heading south to our holiday cottage. We stopped at Trellech a small village {just South of Monmouth}. This interesting village has a old castle mound but we stopped to visit a holy well, the sign at the well reads “The Virtuous Well once known as St Ann’s well and famous for it’s cures, it was visited by many Pilgrim’s as late as the 17th century. It is said to be 4 separate springs, 3 containing iron and each curing a different illness. It’s niches held offerings and cups. Stone seats gave rest to the weary traveller.” A half a mile further on from the well are three standing stones known locally as Harold’s Stones or The three stones. The large stones are also worth seeing.