Eric & seagull



Eric Bartholomew, known by his stage name Eric Morecambe, was an English comedian who together with Ernie Wise formed the award-winning double act Morecambe and Wise. The partnership lasted from 1941 until Morecambe’s death in 1984. Unveiled by the Queen in 1999, the slightly larger than life Eric poses with a pair of binoculars around his neck (he was a keen bird watcher). The statue is set against the backdrop of Morecambe Bay and the Lake District




The sun has got his hat on.To the sea!

Well rain again over night but given the bright blue sky this morning decided I need to get a paddle on the seashore. However on route a stop off at Warkworth Castle while waiting for the tide to drop.B5.jpg


Near Amble notice a light house on a small island so more photo’s (on checking the OS map Coquet Island so I guess this is Coquet Lighthouse.)


Then on to Alnmouth beach for the rest of the day.



mrs eider

Mrs Eider Duck and Chick

Not for me. Northumberlandia


What is she “The centrepiece of a park is Northumberlandia, a human landform sculpture of a reclining lady.”

Northumberlandia was built by the Banks Group as part of the restoration of the adjacent Shotton surface coal mine The project is known as restoration 1st – taking an extra piece of land donated by the landowner, the Blagdon Estate, adjacent to the mine and providing a new landscape for the community to enjoy while the mine is still operational. The £3 million cost of the project has been privately funded by the Banks Group and the Blagdon Estate.While I really enjoy public art,(old and modern) open spaces and conservation, I do not get Northumberlandia yes it is an open space, yes it provides an area for the public, yes it provides a home for nature. Unlike the white horses on the Wiltshire Downs which you can enjoy from afar Northumberlandia you need to own a helicopter to get a real view –as I do not own one and I can not fly. I DO NOT GET IT. (sorry if this view upsets anyone). Nice to have visited glad I was passing and did to travel miles to see.


The movement of flight.

Blackheaded Gulls now in summer colour’s at Hill Head. I spend hours watching these birds methods of flight. For me Bird watching is not always about watching rare birds often it is watching a common birds behaviour and just enjoying what you see.

follow the link below to see the Blackheaded Gull in winter colours.


Blood Moon

With clear skies an early morning drive (02.30am) to the coast on Southampton Water, to watch the moon.

A celestial event this morning was happening. (28th September 2015) A total lunar eclipse was taking place and I wanted to watch and try and take some pictures, the last total lunar eclipse took place in 1982 and will not be due to occur again until 2033. The effect of the earth’s shadow on the moon also turns it red this is known as a Blood Moon.blood moon