Under the pier

Saltburn by the Sea has retained much of its original charm as a Victorian seaside resort including its pier.The pier was opened in May 1869 and has had several major rebuilds due to storm damage and a ship collision in 1924 a large gap remained in the pier until 1930. Pictures taken today are from the beach being able to walk out under the pier past he pier head and look back from below was an interesting angle to see a pier.



Calshot Spit.

LB station

Calshot Life boat station and lookout Tower

boats calshot

Fishing Boats at rest




Cape Town Star

CAPE TOWN STAR  is a Reefer registered in The Bahamas. The vessel CAPE TOWN STAR has a deadweight of 10629 tonnes and was built in 1993.

There are two in-shore lifeboats stationed at Calshot spit.The lookout tower is manned by volunteers. If you want to see the tower it has its own post code to pop in your Sat Nav. SO45 1BR

calshot castle

Calshot Castle is closed until Spring



Little electric train.


Hythe is a small town opposite Southampton. I feel the most interesting way to travel from Southampton to Hythe is to cross Southampton Water is by the small passenger ferry.


train pier head end

Pier Head  (seaward  end of pier)

The ferry drops off passengers at Hythe Pier. The pier stretches 700yards into deep water from the tidal shore. Once you are dropped off at the pier head you can either walk into the town or take the small electric train. The Pier dates back to 1879. A walk on the pier costs including the rail journey from the Hythe side is just £1.60.

train waiting room

Waiting room

train inside

inside the train

train1train pier


That’s the way we do it.


The first Sandown Pier Isle of Wight  was started in 1876. The 360 foot pier opened in 1879, it was extended to 875 feet in 1895. The pier, complete with new pier-head pavilion, and re-opened in September that year. Paddle steamers stopped at the new landing stage.

sandown pier 1

The Council became the piers owner in 1918  a  1000 seat, beach end end pavilion was opened in 1934. The pier-head pavilion continued  as a ballroom.

The pier was divided during the Second World War for defence reasons and the condition of the landing stage deteriorated. A new concrete double-deck landing stage opened in 1950’s.sandown pier

In 1968, the council rebuilt the pier. Work started in 1971 and included replacing the old, fire-damaged pavilion. Developments included a new bar and cafe.  Reopening in 1973.

 fire caused £2 million of damage on August Bank Holiday 1989. The pier fully re-opened by June 1990 (although the beach end had re-opened within 30 hours of the blaze). The theatre finally closed in the 1990s to be replaced an amusement arcade.


Will it be Saved (Southsea Pier)

Southsea Pier

Plans have been unveiled that may see South Parade Pier in Southsea Hampshire demolished and rebuilt, at a cost of up to £30 million. Today the pier is closed off but workers are working on the rusting structure.

The original pier was built between 1875 and 1878. Initially, its main purpose was as a steamer jetty for Isle of Wight passengers ships . In 1904, a serious fire resulted in a complete rebuild. The ‘replacement’ pier opened to a length of 600 feet in 1908. After many years plus several more fire’s today it awaits saving.

By 2010, major fears were raised over the future of the pier after it emerged the owners were losing thousands of pounds every year. In 2012, concern had arisen about the lack of investment by the pier owners leaving the need for urgent maintenance. Later in 2012 the local council were threatening the owners with legal action if urgent work to make the structure safe was not undertaken. Following this the closure of the pier happened. A building survey had shown that supporting steelwork had corroded to the point where structural integrity could be lost.

Southsea Pier.4
After an attempt by the owner to re-open the Pier, Portsmouth Council served a formal closure notice on the Pier to “protect the public from immediate danger”. In February 2014  parts of the boat deck at the end of the pier were broken off in a storm.

Southsea Pier.6.jpg
Pier pictures 7th December 2015Southsea Pier.5

Return to the Pier of the year 2014


We returned to Penarth pier after a short look last year in 2014 when it had been awarded pier of the year. The weather this year allowed a full visit of both the pier and the seafront. Costing £4 million the run down grade 2 listed pier reopened in 2013. Penarth Arts & Crafts Trust campaigned for its restoration. They raised money locally the Trust succeeded in obtaining grants from the Heritage Lottery Fund, CADW, the Coastal Communities Fund and the Headley Trust. The pier first opened in 1895 steamers and paddle steamers offered trips across the Bristol Channel to destinations such as Ilfracombe Lynmouth and Minehead. 1902 saw some 25,000 visitors paying the small fee to walk on the pier. This pier has survived both fires & shipping collisions. During the 1960s it’s Pavilion played host to star’s such as Gene Vincent, Matt Monro and Tom Jones.



After the Fire Southampton Pier

Southampton Pier was opened in 1833 it was fully renovated in 1838 as the soft wood piles had become unsafe further pontoons were added in 1864. Major reconstruction took place in 1892 and a Pavilion was built in 1894. Facilities included a concert hall. The pier closed in 1980. In July 1997 a major fire left the pier standing but totally destroyed.
The first picture on this blog I took during the fire the others were taken in January 2015 and show a structure that looks unsaveable

pier fire

On hearing on Radio Solent of the fire and seeing smoke from our garden off I dashed to take this picture.


all at sea 009Soto Peir