5,4,3,2,1, FIRE!




Now (2016)

Just in land from the Needles on the Isle of Wight at High Down was an important UK rocket test site, during the 1950s and 1960s. All the 22 Black Knight rockets that were fired and both stages of the 4 Black Arrow rockets were brought to the site for test firing before being dispatched to the Woomera range in Australia for launch. Concrete walkways with the foundations of 2 static testing sites remain on the headland today. To visit it’s a 20-minute uphill walk from the car park at Alum bay amusement park.


Memories of a summers day in Shoreham 2015

Close to Shoreham Airport is an old wooden toll bridge which has become a temporary memorial to the 11 people kill on the ground when an ex RAF Vintage Hawker Hunter T7, jet crashed onto the A27. Ribbons now replaced original flower which were left on the bridge following the crash on 22nd August 2015 during this years airshow. Visiting today a steady flow of people crossed the bridge to look at the memorial.

Shoreham Toll Bridge

Shoreham Toll Bridge