A Wheel 4 Boats

The Falkirk Wheel was our destination for night 3 in Scotland. Opened in 2002 in connects two canals (Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal).Linking these two canals for the 1st time since the 1930s.

The wheel raises boats by 24 metres (79 ft), but the Union Canal is still 11 metres (36 ft) higher than the aqueduct which meets the wheel. Boats must also pass through a pair of locks between the top of the wheel and the Union Canal. The Falkirk Wheel is the only rotating boat lift of its kind in the world, and one of two boat lifts in the United Kingdom, the other being the Anderton boat lift. From the top looking into the wheel in looked like a star gate but on checking all the boats arrive at the bottom and did not transport to another dimension.FK1 FK2 FK boat entering at top FK4 New Image

A Sunday Stroll by the River

Photographs of a walk along the River Hamble from Manor Farm Country Park to A27 at Bursledon. The river here is tidal and the footpath is a favourite of dog walkers. This path takes you under the M27 where it crosses the Hamble. Soon after the bridge you pass a boat yard and suddenly the river is used for mooring many pleasure craft. Just before reaching the A27 the river is crossed again by another bridge this time taking the railway. Today the tide was up but I am sure when out this will be a good walk to watch wading birds in the mud. Car Parking at the Bursledon end of the walk is not encouraged.

walk to the riverRIver Hamble 1gateno parking.1M27 Cross Hamble 1M27 Cross Hamblerail bridge over Hamblehouse boathouse boat.1

Back on the road again heading to Lands End

With spring well and truly arrived we have decided to continue for a few days on our around Britain costal tour the East coast of Scotland is planned for later in the year the next few days are to complete the Lands End bit of our Lands End to John O Groats. journey and although the Cornwall end of this trip is a repeat of past holidays we wanted to refresh this part of the country.

Campervan packed and off through Dartmoor stopping at Postbridge and Princetown.(I think of all the visits over the years to Princetown this is the first in dry sunny weather. Normally the old prison look more stern in such conditions.

The large Church at Princetown, St Michael and All Saints now in the management of The Churches Conservation trust has an interesting churchyard. 4 rows of small grave markers only 30cm high show the graves of prisoners that died in the prison each marked with the date and the initials only. There is also a large cross recording the prisoner who have not marked grave as was the custom before 1912.clapper bridgePrincetown main Streetchurchprison graves

Down by the river

cobdon area soton 007acobdon area soton 019cobdon area soton 022acobdon area soton 023Often we overlook places we pass daily these photo’s record  part of the River Itchen at St Denys Southampton. There has been a bridge over the Itchen here since 1883. a mile or so further up the river is the end of the tidal part of the riverCobden BridgeThe current concrete bridge was built between 1926 and 1928 (opened in 1928 by the then Minister of Transport Wilfred Ashley.) While crossing the bridge some small tug boats were taking a sludge barge up to the local sewage works glad it was on the way up rather than coming back ! Each side of the bridge are a number of WW2 torpedo boats converted into houseboats.