A child’s tomb

Augustinian Lanercost Priory  best-preserved of Cumbrian monasteries. The east end of the noble 13th-century church survives to its full height. Some  fine arches and tombs are to be seen at this site. Childhood mortality is recorded in a child’s tomb which is very moving to view.





Now East to West

We left the East Coast of England and headed across country towards the West Coast following Hadrain’s Wall

east coast

Stopping at many  forts and Roman  remains along the wall. Some parts were well sign posted and had many visitors others parts were more quiet and off the main tourist routes

Hadrian’s  Wall runs 73 miles across Northern England and is considered the most important Roman monument in Britain.In built on the direct orders of Emperor Hadrian

in AD 122 & took 10 years to complete.



wall spotters.jpg

Wall spotters