Yes it is another lighthouse

The stone breakwater at Tynemouth extends from the foot of the Priory some 900 yards out to sea, protecting the northern side of the mouth of the Tyne. On its top is a walkway open daily. On the lee side is a lower level rail track, formerly used by trains and cranes during the construction and maintenance of the pier. At the seaward end is a lighthouse.

coming into TM.jpg

The pier’s construction took over 40 years to build opening in around 1898 the original curved design did not hold against a great storm when the middle section was destroyed. The pier was rebuilt in a straighter line and completed in 1909. Another longer pier opposite at South Shields protects the southern side of the river mouth.


A lighthouse was built on the North Pier in 1864, but a new design was added when the 1909 repairs were undertaken by Trinity House.


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