A Lighthouse view from the Campervan.

st marys light.1

We are staying a few nights at Old Hartley Caravan Club Site the view from our window looks out to sea & at St Mary’s Lighthouse.Cut off at high tide but a causeway at low tide allows you to walk out to visit. about a mile from the camp site  along the coastal path and you arrive at the island.The lighthouse is decorative today and has no warning  light.

st marys lightst marys light6st marys light.1st marys light.2

On reaching the Island a group of grey seals were enjoying the sunshine.Warden are on hand to keep people from getting too close as the seals have been harassed by day trippers including people throwing stones at them.



Dangers on the cliff path

Seaton Sluice.jpg

Seaton Sluice


At Seaton Sluice near Tynemouth an early Volunteer Watch House was set up the building is a small museum today. HM Coastguard was formed in 1822 to combat smuggling but also responsible for supervision of life saving from ships. Around 1876, a small group of volunteers was enrolled to assist the local Coastguard, thus creating the Seaton Sluice Volunteer Life-Saving Company.


Old Coastguard watch towers

By chance the Coastguard were doing cliff rescue training at Seaton Sluice today.