Timber supplies were crucial to the war-time economy and was used for pit props, aircraft manufacture, building repairs to name a few  An off shoot of Women’s Land Army, The Women’s Timber Corps, known as “ The Lumberjills” They were employed to provide a steady supply of wood during the Second World War and are remembered in a steel sculpture in Dalby Forest north Yorkshire.

lumber jills.3.jpglumber jillslumber jills.2.jpgSculptor Ray Lonsdale, from near Durham, won the competition set by the Forestry Commission to create a  memorial to the women and the work they carried. lumber jills.2

Under the pier

Saltburn by the Sea has retained much of its original charm as a Victorian seaside resort including its pier.The pier was opened in May 1869 and has had several major rebuilds due to storm damage and a ship collision in 1924 a large gap remained in the pier until 1930. Pictures taken today are from the beach being able to walk out under the pier past he pier head and look back from below was an interesting angle to see a pier.