light in the darkness

The Lighthouse at Flamborough Head is made of brick and was built in 1806. It has a height: 88ft (27m) and to reach the light there are 119 steps up the tower. This lighthouse was designed by Sir Samuel Wyatt and built by John Matson of Bridlington. It has a range of 24 nautical miles. further out on the headland is a fog horn house.

FHLH.1FHLHfog house

Heading North{again}

Off to North Yorkshire stopping at the Humber Bridge for breakfast, a walk around (& the loo) on  the way up. In the past we have stopped at the viewing points on the Hull (North) side of the bridge. This time stopped on the South side much quieter no coaches or kiss me quick hats. Just quiet car park an old ship repair yard and creek.humber bridgeoff the railsup the creek.jpgboat yardboat yard1