testing a new lens.

Today’s pictures are taking using a new zoom lens. Quick trip down to our usual spot near Titchfield haven to try out my new Fuji 100mm to 400mm zoom lens. I was pleased with the results and hope to make full use of it while on our next trip in May.


wren in the garden !


Coastguard fly’s over heading towards the Isle of Wight.




female mallard.


Blackheaded gull.





The movement of flight.

Blackheaded Gulls now in summer colour’s at Hill Head. I spend hours watching these birds methods of flight. For me Bird watching is not always about watching rare birds often it is watching a common birds behaviour and just enjoying what you see.

follow the link below to see the Blackheaded Gull in winter colours.



Support the lifeboats


The RNLI Memorial sculpture by Sam Hollard depicting a person in a boat saving another person from the sea. Sited in Poole, Dorset, It is the only place where every lifeboat crew member loss is remembered in one place.


The memorial serves as a source of inspiration for current and future generations of lifeboat crews. See the list of names here.


Lack of Navigation

A walk along the old canal from Mansbridge Southampton Hampshire along the back of Eastleigh airport to Eastleigh. This section of the walk is the most overgrown part of the navigation.

lockImprovements to the River Itchen were authorised by Parliament in 1665, but the navigation was not declared complete until 1710. It was known as navigation because it was an improved river, with the main river channel being used for some sections, and cuttings with locks to bypass the difficult sections in the river Itchen. The navigation is just over 10 miles long and was in use for some 150 years. Linking Winchester and Southampton. An important method of moving goods before the railways. Shallow barges moved agricultural produce and coal, between the cities.


Following the opening of the railway in 1840, canal traffic declined sharply, and the navigation ceased to operate in 1869.