Train Spotting. (not the flying Scotsman)


What do you do when you are waiting for 4 new tyres to be fitted to the campervan ?

I decided to walk up the road to the railway bridge and do some train spotting. Having left my camera at home I fell back to the camera on my phone.  Eastleigh railway station from road bridge.



Funicular’s of Hasting


East Cliff top station

Our visit to the Funicular railway at Hasting came with a surprise yesterday over the years I have been up the East Cliff a number of times but we chose the wrong week it was closed for annual maintenance work. However the surprise on talking to the maintenance man was Hastings has second Funicular railway. The West Cliff railway that was running and situated only about ½ a mile along the seafront, tucked between the shops was the station. This ride up is through a tunnel. At the top was a café a close enough to walk to Hastings castle.


West Cliff Funicular

Hasting Castle

Hastings Castle

Dover Patrol in memory of.

The Dover Patrol was formed in WW1 as unit of the Royal Navy part of which was based at Dover. It’s main task was to prevent enemy shipping most importantly submarines from entering the English Channel on their way to the Atlantic Ocean.The Patrol forced the German Navy to travel a much longer route around Scotland to the Atlantic  which was covered by the Northern Patrol.  After the war, a fund was set up to erect a memorial to the Dover Patrol.

dover Patrol.jpgdover.jpg

Killed in a coach crash

mon 1

At Bilsington Kent A Monument erected in 1835 in memory of local landowner and philanthropist Sir William Richard Cosway, who was killed in a coaching accident nearby. He helped establish a school and supported reforms for agricultural workers in the area. Constructed from local Kent stone, the obelisk stands over fifty feet high and dominates the skyline for some distance.