Dad’s Army 2016


Evidence of Home Guard remains can still be seen today around Britain if you know where to look. The 29mm Spigot Mortar was an infantry anti-tank weapon devised by Lt Col. Stewart Blacker early in the Second World War. Intended as a means to equip Home Guard Units with an anti-tank weapon in case of German invasion, at a time of grave shortage of weapons. There were doubts about the effectiveness of the mortar but they were issued in fairly large numbers. They were mounted on a steel pin which was fixed on a circular concrete base usually with a trench around it so the crew could rotated 360’ on the steel pin. The mortar could be lifted off and moved as required. In some places bases can be still seen often around rail and river bridges; cross roads or places where tanks would me expected to pass.

spigot motor

Mortar base on the road to Needles Fort Isle of Wight (2016)

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