Death from above.


I am trying to record modern history  I see before it is lost another WW2 relic fairly local to home is Sinah Heavy Anti aircraft gun site on Hayling Island Hampshire. From the air Hayling Island can easily be mistaken for Portsmouth with its city and dockyard.


The seating area has been added to the inside of this gun emplacement and the small inner ammunition stores removed.


Gun store

Too try and confuse the German Bombers, Hayling Island was used as a decoy site with fires being lit to simulate bombing damage and fool bombers to bomb around the fires.


You can not reach the sites second main magazine and 4th Gunsite although this gunsite has fallen into a fishing lake it retains it’s 5 internal ammunition stores. Sinah gun battery was badly damaged in April 1941 when the site was hit by bombs, putting out of action 3 of the 4 guns and killing 6 gun crew from 57th Heavy Anti Aircraft regiment who are remembered at the site today.


site of

Site of living huts



1 of the 2 main magazines on the site

aa fire


found on google WW2 anti-aircraft gun battery like those at Hayling Island

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