Fort Gilkicker

GK fort1

Fort Gilkicker one of  Lord Palmerston’s forts was constructed between 1863 and 1869 at Stokes Bay, near Gosport. Its purpose was to defend the Naval deep water anchorage at Spithead and to provide protection to the Western approach to Portsmouth Naval dockyard and harbour.  Fort Gilkicker was conceived as a semi-circular fort for 26 guns on one level firing through armoured embrasures with a barrack closing the rear of the semi-circle. It faced in a easterly direction its principal role was to direct fire on Sturbridge Shoal and to the flanks were to bear upon Spithead and Stokes Bay. The design for the fort was altered slightly in 1871 for 22 guns in casemates with five heavier guns in open positions on the roof. Today the armoured embrasures to the outside of the fort can’t be seen as they are all now covered with earth. The fort is abandoned  and derelict but a number of years ago was sold to be turned into luxury houses but no work has started.

GK fort3GK fort 4GK fortGK fort2

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