Will it be Saved (Southsea Pier)

Southsea Pier

Plans have been unveiled that may see South Parade Pier in Southsea Hampshire demolished and rebuilt, at a cost of up to £30 million. Today the pier is closed off but workers are working on the rusting structure.

The original pier was built between 1875 and 1878. Initially, its main purpose was as a steamer jetty for Isle of Wight passengers ships . In 1904, a serious fire resulted in a complete rebuild. The ‘replacement’ pier opened to a length of 600 feet in 1908. After many years plus several more fire’s today it awaits saving.

By 2010, major fears were raised over the future of the pier after it emerged the owners were losing thousands of pounds every year. In 2012, concern had arisen about the lack of investment by the pier owners leaving the need for urgent maintenance. Later in 2012 the local council were threatening the owners with legal action if urgent work to make the structure safe was not undertaken. Following this the closure of the pier happened. A building survey had shown that supporting steelwork had corroded to the point where structural integrity could be lost.

Southsea Pier.4
After an attempt by the owner to re-open the Pier, Portsmouth Council served a formal closure notice on the Pier to “protect the public from immediate danger”. In February 2014  parts of the boat deck at the end of the pier were broken off in a storm.

Southsea Pier.6.jpg
Pier pictures 7th December 2015Southsea Pier.5

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