Looking out to Sea

Back to the coast and our 1st stop at Newbiggin-by-the Sea and although the coast is starting to reflect more of an industrial history the beach are wide and sandy. Newbiggin has invested in its Heritage with a newish Heritage centre. Telling the history of line fishing when the village had some 100 open fishing boats being launched off the beach (as the one pictured in my previous blog with a canvass front cover) Much of the old village has been lost into the sea only the Church remaining. Newer Victorian House now line the sea front. New rock breakwaters protect the village from the sea on one of these is a statue named the couple.

St Marry's Lighthouse

St Mary’s Lighthouse


The Couple

The Couple

Newbiggin By the Sea

Newbiggin by the Sea

WW1 Guns

WW1 Guns

Blyth seemed just industrial with pockets of holiday areas. Then we arrived at Seaton Slice with pretty harbour and around the corner St Mary’s Lighthouse. Whitley Bay obviously a large and popular Victorian resort runs into Tynemouth with large harbour and breakwater but empty of any boats. Standing on the headland above the harbour is the Castle and Priory with large WW1 gun emplacement pointing out to sea

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