Almost in England but saw a 3D map of Scotland made by a Polish man

Down to the Forth Bridge again, this time crossing the Forth on the road bridge and down to the south side of the Forth rail bridge (hopefully it will be soon a world heritage site) A large cruise ship was anchored in the Forth close to the Bridge and hundreds of passengers were being ferried ashore heading for lines of coaches. So much for our quiet Sunday morning by the Forth Bridge.

We headed down to Berwick on Tweed (as we are returning to this coast later in the year and we have followed this coastline before) we travelled from South Queensferry to Berwick inland across country.

On the way, we stopped at The Polish Map of Scotland at the village of Eddleston

I it saw the BBC and thought it was worth a visit.

Polish Map of Scotland

Polish Map of Scotland

not easy to photograph from ground level  THE POLISH MAP OF SCOTLAND

not easy to photograph from ground level

The House & grounds of Barony Castle were requisitioned by the MOD for the Polish Army during WW2. From June 1940, Polish troops were being evacuated to Britain as allies in the fight against Hitler’s Germany. The map was The brainchild of Polish war veteran it was built between 1974 and 1979 and is claimed to be the world’s largest terrain relief model sculpture it is a listed building. It fell into disrepair later being found hidden in undergrowth it is now being slowly restored by a group calling itself Mappa Scotland. The aim is to repair and fill the sea areas with water.

This way

This way

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