Heading South.


Our camping spot Fraserburgh

At the end of yesterday the coast drive became simpler as the Scottish Tourist Board had developed a coastal drive with large brown sign’s with a blue anchor making navigation of our planned trip sign reading rather than pure map reading. The van withstood a heavy thunderstorm over night at one time we wondered if the roof tent on the pop top may end up in the North sea. On leaving Fraserburgh  we started heading South rather than East as the coast had changed direction. Little harbours gave way to Peterhead with its deep sea industrial fishing boats. As we reached Aberdeen the noise of helicopter flying over was an indication of the off shore oil industry. Fishing had now changed to oil and gas for men to make their livings. The harbour in Aberdeen had many oil platform support vessels. Before finding a camping place we visit the harbour at Stonehaven and Dunnottar Castle. Tonight 1 week in to our East Coast tour we are at Johnshaven looking again out to sea.

The Lighthouse just South of Peterhead is Buchan Ness Lighthouse

Lighthouse just South of Peterhead.

little light

Todhead Point Lighthouse


Dunnottar Castle

lighthouse 2 july

Buchan Ness Lighthouse


near St Combs


“harbour” Starlings



pots at Johnshaven

pots at Johnshaven

Support the Lifeboats

Support the Lifeboats

Oil rig support ships at sea

Oil rig support ships at sea