Snow on a Mountain Top

Leaving Falkirk Wheel after a wet night in the car park but enjoyable due to watching the local Fox, we headed north to the Cairngorm’s stopping at   Stanley Mills. The site is managed by Historic Scotland. The mills were built in 1786 at a hairpin bend in the River Tay, where water-power was readily available. Machinery was powered initially by water wheels, and latterly by electricity generated by water-powered turbines. As markets changed and new technologies were developed, buildings were added, adapted, expanded, reconfigured. Established as a cotton mill by local merchants, with support from the Cotton Baron Richard Arkwright. Textiles were produced at the site for 200 years. Today it has been saved and is a well preserved. (some parts are now housing this supported the saving of the main mill as it is today.) The mills closed in the late 1960s. Into the mountains with snow still on some peaks even though it is almost June.July {edit must be to chilled out} Full facilities tonight in a fully serviced camp site near Aviemore.

Stocked up with anti- bite creams at Tesco’s.

mill1 mill2 mill3cairngormssnow1


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