Sea Monsters, Sailing Ships, & a fake lighthouse.


Leepe country park by the sea on the edge of the New Forest had good winds and gave great views of sailing ships off the Isle of Wight only problem today was I only had a wide angle lens with me and a compact camera.


Lepe Lighthouse was built in 2000 to aid sailors navigate the approach to the Beaulieu river from the Solent, and is a  distinctive landmark on the coast. The lighthouse is known as the Beaulieu River Millennium beacon. On the coast road just before you reach the lighthouse is a boathouse which is now a private dwelling and a row of old coast guard cottages.

Like a sea monster Rhizostoma Jellyfish or Barrel Jellyfish were up along the strand line. They can grow up to 1m in diameter with a spherical solid rubbery bell, they can be white  pale pink,or yellow and fringed with purple markings. The bell lacks trailing tentiacles around the bell but has eight thick, frilled arms hanging from the manubrium.