A Sunday Stroll by the River

Photographs of a walk along the River Hamble from Manor Farm Country Park to A27 at Bursledon. The river here is tidal and the footpath is a favourite of dog walkers. This path takes you under the M27 where it crosses the Hamble. Soon after the bridge you pass a boat yard and suddenly the river is used for mooring many pleasure craft. Just before reaching the A27 the river is crossed again by another bridge this time taking the railway. Today the tide was up but I am sure when out this will be a good walk to watch wading birds in the mud. Car Parking at the Bursledon end of the walk is not encouraged.

walk to the riverRIver Hamble 1gateno parking.1M27 Cross Hamble 1M27 Cross Hamblerail bridge over Hamblehouse boathouse boat.1

Ynys Llanddwyn Island

Ynys Llanddwyn Island or Llanddwyn Island is a small tidal island  just off the west coast of  Anglesey Wales near the town of   Newbrough. There is a mile-long walk along the blue flag beach from the nearest car parking place. On the day of my visit in 2013 the checking on the tide table meant I arrived at Llanddwyn Island with an ankle deep paddle to reach the island. The name Llanddwyn means “The church of St. Dwynwen”. Dwynwen is the Welsh patron saint of lovers, making her the Welsh equivalent of St Valentine.Her Saint’s day is 25 January and is often celebrated by the Welsh with cards and flowers. The remains of St Dwynwen’s Church can be found as can and an old lighthouse, which was constructed in 1873. Off the island in 1920 on 3rd December 5 members from Rhoscolyn lifeboat were lost.
anglsea 114island.lighthouseislandisland.2island church

Support the Lifeboats

Support the Lifeboats

St Cwyfan’s Church

St Cwyfan's ChurchOn Anglesey North Wales is a church known as the Church in the Sea encircled by a sea wall this simple medieval church dates to the 12th century an odd and perilous place to build a church, but it originally stood at the end of a peninsula the sea eroded the coast in the two bays enough that the peninsula was cut off, turning it into an island.  You can walk out to the island at low tide.


A Victorian Fort on the South Coast of England

Due to the development of new armaments and the feared threat of invasion, from the French, the Prime Minster of Britain Lord Henry Palmerston, commissioned a review and implementation to strengthen Portsmouth and the surrounding area A ring of forts circle the Naval Base at Portsmouth, some sea forts others on land. On Portsdown Hill the forts were built to point their guns inland to guard Portsmouth from inland attack.  If Portsmouth was attacked from the north, none of the existing fortifications would protect the dockyard and harbour against bombardment from the hills. Fort Purbrook is one of these new forts, finished in 1870, was occupied by the Army until 1925, they returned 1939 during WW2 It also housed the Home Guard Headquarters and the Ambulance Depot. The Navy used it for a radar base from around 1947, and a School of Navigation until 1968.purbrook.1 I had a chance to visit the fort which is not usually open to the public today due to a craft fair being held at the fort. As the French invasion never happened the ring of forts is locally know as Palmerston’s follies.

purbrookpurbrook 5purbrook 3purbrook 4purbrook.2