Protecting Portland Harbour

Verne High Angle Battery

high angle gun

taken from display board at the battery this picture shows the high firing angle of the guns this ensured shells dropped down onto passing ships but remained hidden from view.

Built in Portland stone and concrete as part of Britain’s Coastal Defences in 1892 located in a disused Portland Stone quarry at the northern end of the island. As the battery was built down in a quarry the guns were hidden from view of any passing enemy ships, Gun BatteryGun Battery 2Gun Battery 1The six ,9 inch  high angle guns that weigh 12 ton each fired to ensure their shells dropped down to inflict maximum damage on the less well protected upper decks of any attacking vessel. (2 other gun pits were built but guns were not fitted) The supply of shells were stored in two tunnel magazines, one at each end of the battery, using a short rail to transport the ammunition. The tunnels were roofed with earth and grass, and were therefore protected from enemy fire. Between the magazines were bombproof gunners shelters, two store buildings were built to the rear. There was no need for on site barracks, as the troop’s main accommodation was within the adjacent Verne Citadel buildings.


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